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Bexley Christadelphian

We are the Dawn Fellowship Christadelphians who meet in Bexley, Kent, UK.
We also publish the "Light on a New World" Magazine - click on the link.

Good News!
The Kingdom is Coming
Jesus Christ said he will return to the earth to establish the Kingdom of God; it is a clear Bible theme that speaks of a time of perfect peace. Find out more about the reality of this and how it will affect you. The Bible contains a clear message that has profound relevance to our lives today.
Light on a New World is a free quarterly magazine on Bible topics and about 30 pages. This is supported and written by the members of Dawn Fellowship and organised by members of the Bexley Ecclesia. Take this link Light on a New World Magazine to find a list of over 60 previous issues that you can download to read today. Plus the following Special Editions: Light on Christadelphians, Light on The Bible, Light on Prophecy, and Light on Jesus Christ. Dawn Bookets is a free series of 14 to 18 pages. This is supported and written by the members of Dawn Fellowship. Take this link Dawn Booklets to find a growing list of booklets that you can download to read today.

Key Topics

Key Topics

Other Information

For an independent summary of the Christadelphian organisation and beliefs, take a look at the BBC archive:

We are based at:

Hurst Place Community Centre,
Hurst Road,
Kent. DA5 3LH.
United Kingdom

Below are our Light Magazine Bible talks via Zoom

8 JanuaryDoes it matter what church we go to?Simon Boyd
15 JanuaryThe Christian view of the JewsDan Giles
22 JanuaryThe Christian attitude to war and politicsSteve Bonner
29 JanuaryThe True Christian hopeGary Samson
  • These informal Bible-related talks last about 30 to 40 minutes
  • Just turn up on the day - everyone is welcome to join us
  • Starting at 8 pm UK time but please arrive a few minutes early
  • Direct link:
  • Or alternatively log into Zoom and use meeting ID number 886 8168 7710
  • Please wait to be admitted into the Zoom meeting

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