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Be Alert to the Return of the Jewish Messiah

Admittedly, this is won't be the most politically correct slogan you'll have come across. However, we make no apology for that.

The slogan is intended to attract attention, but it isn't a dig at the Jewish race, or any other for that matter. It's actually intended as a very positive statement for everyone.

It's fair to say that God's message to mankind, contained in the Bible, is not politically correct either. The Jews are God's chosen race. That fact is inescapable. That's despite the fact that the Jewish race, on the whole, have refused to accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah, and continue to refuse to do so. In spite of that, as a people they remain at the heart of God's plan with mankind.

Jesus was Jewish. As he said himself 'Salvation is of the Jews', and the Bible consistently teaches this. Salvation (that is, the hope to escape permanent death through the gift of immortality) is only available to those who become Jews, that is spiritual Jews - descendants of Abraham through faith and baptism.

Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible state that the Messiah is to return to the earth to save Israel from their enemies. This will bring about the setting up of the Kingdom of God, the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Israel in the past as it was under Solomon. Coupled with this will be the Resurrection of the dead.

The hope of the gospel is to be able to take part in the world order which will follow. This is the time when God's promises will be fulfilled to Abraham (i.e. that he will be given the land of Canaan forever) and, of necessity, he will therefore be raised at the resurrection. Similarly, the promises of God to the former king of Israel, David, will be also be fulfilled. David was promised that he would have a descendant to reign on his throne in Jerusalem for ever. Neither Abraham nor David saw the fulfilment of these promises during their lives, all of which coincide in Jesus, the son of God.

We have an obligation to publicize these things The slogan above is intended to encapsulate the essence of the hope of the gospel which, put another way, is the hope of Israel!